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The Runes
The Runes, an Austin, TX. quintet, boasts influences ranging from the Beatles to Loudon Wainwright III, and it shows. The band consists
of Matt Kjeldsen (vocals, guitars, percussion) helped by band mates Brian Collins (electric, acoustic, and lap steel guitars),
Carrie Miller (cello, violin), Jimmy Holloway (drums, percussion), and Julie Carlton (bass and fretless bass).

Since 1994, the Runes have performed and recorded predominantly in Austin, Texas. The Runes started out as a coffee
house acoustic ensemble for singer/songwriters and artists and developed into a very entertaining performing rock band and
finally, morphed into the eclectic group of recording artists they remain to this day. The Runes incorporate artistic styles from
melodic pop to straight ahead rock and from salsa/reggae to acoustic balladry, The Runes take their virtual cornucopia of
instruments and expertly construct various musical backgrounds for intelligent, witty, thought provoking, and sometimes
humorous lyrics.
Lost Songs 1998
Dancing with Ghosts 2001
Radio Banned 2003
Specters in the Mist 2004
What Remains 2005
Last Songs unreleased
"Doin the Limbaah"
"Big Texas Sky"
"Island Bed"
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