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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques in America (2008)--the newest from the Brains. Biting, specific and made to inspire action. The music is a complete departure from Bite Me! The lyrics are a literal call to arms. Get the truth, get in the game, get Exploding Brains 2 Enhanced Interrogation Techniques in America.
Partial list of the songs: Wake Up Call, Freedom for the Free, Fear the Terrorists, Cheney Tortured Jesus into Giving Up God and The Evil Ones
Exploding Brains, Bite Me!, (2008) offers emotion, energy, passion and direction for the revolution taking place right now in America. This music screams with urgency. Our country is screaming too. Support your country, stand up for your freedom and let's Rock the World! "Paul Ravere with a microphone and a distorted guitar" "The loud road to enlightenment" "21st century wake up call" "Cheaper than a decent meal and you can eat these Brains again and again and again"
Partial list of the songs: Rock the World, Black Days for the Red, White and Blue, Lizard People, Mayhem in the Streets and Warning
Zero Hour (2007) by Matt Kjeldsen uses indigenous sounds mixed with modern instrumentation and production to create a musical and lyrical journey into the dying native world and the impending loss of freedom and will to power that all people face at the hands of the very few.
Partial list of the songs: Flood, The Color of Blue, Meaning Comes to Life, Watching the World, Everything's Gonna Be Alright and Ishmaelian Monks of Warning

Matt Kjeldsen's Symphony of the House (2008) offers a respite from the urgency and the warnings of Exploding Brains, Exploding Brains 2 and Zero Hour. Symphony provides a certain comfort and tranquility that comes only from home. Symphony contains Opus 5105 that uses all samples from the house and grounds in Austin.
Partial list of the songs: Beautiful Toys, Summer of Sadness, Believe Your Eyes, What If I Fall? and Try

Trash Can Eggs (2008) by Matt Kjeldsen completes a many year project of never ending starts of songs and tracks. With the completion of Exploding Brains, Exploding Brains 2, Zero Hour and finally, Symphony of the House, all else on the hard drive was finished, mixed and canned. Trash can eggs are made from the leftovers that either go into the eggs or into the trashcan. It is the end of a journey and the gateway to the next.
Partial list of the songs: Where Do I Sign?, We Can't Run Away, Another Monday Comes Again, Delusional Underworld, Fusion Fashion Diva and Sail On Bye

Radio Banned (2003) by The Runes critiques modern life with a snicker. The album is presented as though it is a compilation of bands, all of differing genres, playing music with lyrics of political incorrectness. No profanity is used.
Partial list of the songs: Party of God, Lick Your Teeth, The Big Wanker Blues, The Deca Dance, Brain Dead, America Breathing and Progress

Lost Songs (1998), the debut release by The Runes was a major accomplishment for the band because it was recorded in the garage with a Roland VS 880. Much was learned, but unfortunately using the new technology also proved to be costly. Three songs were completely wiped from the hard drive just before completion. Thus, the title.
Partial list of the songs: Big Texas Sky, Island Bed, On Fire for You, Little Shitty Tune, Back To The Wild and You When You Were Real

Dancing with Ghosts (2001) by The Runes was the second release of what turned out to be five. Dancing with Ghosts was conceptual in nature and the songs flow in style and theme. It was a real departure from the live performance based sound of Lost Songs. No one knew what the end result was going to be when they created and recorded their parts.
Partial list of the songs: When You Were Real, Darkest Dreams, Rolling the Dice, Town of Song and Somewhere Else

Specters in the Mist (2004) by The Runes was the second of the ghost trilogy. Most of the songs were actually played by the Runes when they performed live. They were finally recorded in studio and thus these once live songs were to live again.
Partial list of the songs: Somethin' Happy, Armin' Myself, The Party, I Burn, 70 or Dead, I Feel It and Just A Little

What Remains (2005) by The Runes along with the unreleased Last Songs, ended the odyssey of The Runes. Loose ends were tied up, songs and tracks were finished and then the hard drive was cleared. The Runes went out with little fanfare, but What Remains contains some of the best songs that no one has ever heard. The ghost trilogy was complete.
Partial list of the songs: Wild Sky, Lost Along the Way, Somewhere, Crowded Room, Licking the Mirror and Slipping Away

Hangin' On The Edge (2002) by Gravity Jacket wasn't so much a debut release as a once again reunion of two long time friends. Matt Kjeldsen and Mac McNabb performed together in Gravity Jacket and before that with The Name. Although they no longer perform together, they are tied by their roots and connected through Matt's songs and Mac's musicianship and production skills. Hangin' On The Edge stands alone.
Partial list of the songs: Up To You, I Deny That, Something in the Attic, Pile of Crocodiles and Maze
Hidden from View by Gravity Jacket was an expensive studio recording that captured the sound of the band, even though the band no longer existed. Fame and fortune did not follow, but this recording and the songs and performances remain poignant and unique.
Partial list of the songs: If Only, Snow Party, Just a Little, How It Feels and After the Wonder
Stone Soup (2004) by Matt Kjeldsen is essentially Matt's first solo album. It was never intended to be so. Stone Soup was created out of the hard drive finishing and clearing effort of the What Remains and Last Songs days. Some of the tracks are clearly demos of tunes that ended up on Hangin' on the Edge. Others are completed recordings of songs that could've been Rune's tunes. It is what it is.
Partial list of the songs: Drowse, Bring It On, Healing, Driving and Plastic Veneer

Infiltrate (2000) is the original Music for Media release. Some of these tracks were composed for the documentary, Crime Scene Cleaners. Weeping in the Dark has been used again and again on television shows from Oprah to the Conspiracy Files to Animal Police.
Partial list of the songs: Flutter, Weeping in the Dark, A Superior Machine, Looking for Loop Land, Red Eyes in the Storm Drain, Infiltrate and The Little Boy Said No

A Colorful Dream (2010) by Matt Kjeldsen is a journey into the beauty and the disillusion of the American vision; to the closing horizon in the new century. Spacey modern textures and clean production create a movie of sound with lyrics that speak to the questioning and the searching people of this now, troubled land.
Partial list of songs: Melancholy Daze, Coma Nation, Spinuendo, What Once Was, Frozen, Spirit Whales, There from Here and A Colorful Dream
Reinfiltrate (2003) The follow up to Infiltrate. Just like on Infiltrate, it uses hand played instrumentation to simulate loop driven music.
Partial list of the songs: Reinfiltrate, Blanco River Falls, The Bamboo Adventure Loop, Other World Serenade, Industrial Funk
and Fly Away

Assimilate (2003) introduces the sampling technology and the loop driven tracks that Matt was attempting to create with Infiltrate and Reinfiltrate. Assimilate provides a whole new range of genres and sounds.
Partial list of the songs: Lost Jungle, Assimilate, Helmet, Plastic Sophistication and Cadillac Jazz
Total Assimilation (2003) reaches even further into the groove and pulls out more and more of Matt's original samples.
Partial list of the songs: After the Last Street Lamp, Desolate Drive, The Tension and the Mystery Builds, Cozumel Afternoon, Flying People, Hidden Wires and Cuban Holiday
Assimilation Complete (2003) completes the first set of 5 music for media CDs. Dance beats and electro grooves join the home made samples and atmospheres to create this blend of musical tracks.
Partial list of the songs: Club Trippin', Laguna Lambada, Cold Dark Water, Jazz Waltzing, Crickets and Garage Door, Fast Cars and Air

The Beats of Sweet Street (2004) is urban grooving with Matt's individual perspective. Just like all of Matt's tracks, it is not a pure music form, but rather a blend. The predominant feel is inner-city.
Partial list of the songs: Sweet Street Swirl, Gobi the Grifter, Hangin' with the Phat Man, Midnight Cool, Headlights and Tailights
and Low Down

Other World Grooves (2005) creates modern tracks from sounds of the emerging world. The grooves are formed from cultures that we are familiar with but really do not know. They are western in application but they emerge from other worlds.
Partial list of the songs: Fight Film, Holy Sight, Rainy Blues, Psycho Disco, Middle East Confusion, Clues at the Crime Scene and Groovy Groove

Visceral Textures (2006) is a lush expanse of melody and rhythm. It continues the themes of the emerging world and the forgotten worlds from Other World Grooves, but then goes on to create a unique feel. The songs are of the earth and yet scented with western art.
Partial list of the songs: High Speeds and High Altitudes, Exotic Temptress, Strange New Atmosphere, Grapes and Massage Oil, Industrial Reggae, Garden of Dark Surprise and Therein Lies the Answer

Spirits from a Dying World (2006) was written with the Discovery and Nature Channels specifically in mind. Each track tells a story of the natural world or of the attack against the indigenous peoples. This is one of my favorites.
Partial list of the songs: Sparks and Lava, Dreamtime Refugees, Sub Saharan Solstice, Forgotten Ways of Being and Perilous Crossing
Dig Sound Collection 1 (2006) was created for a fledgling music library with a new system of tracing the use of music. The music styles are upbeat, funky and busy. They are designed to run seamlessly behind sports highlights and voice-overs.
Partial list of the songs: Big Beat Mania, Trans-Aleutian Orchestra, Sports Highlights, Pressure Funk, Progressive Jazzin' and Black and White Mystery

KnotrillyRecords Music for Media 10 (2007) contains a great many home made samples. The tracks are quite diverse and the CD overall has a different feel and an indefinable uniqueness. The end of the CD contains variations of the track Wild, which was used on The Amazing Race. The producers felt various versions could be used.
Partial list of the songs: Canonesque Allusions, Sitaroo, Creeping from the Gutter, Gardens, Wild, Cool Glide and Wild variation 3
Dynamic Tension vol 1 (2007) is a collection of hypnotic, slowly building tracks that create tension without being abrasive. The beats are modern and the sounds are familiar. The feel pushes action.
Partial list of the songs: Bleakness, Bubbles and Mist, Marching in the Dark, Electro Sonic Walls, Wind Blown Landscape and High Intensity Good Times

Dynamic Tension vol 2 (2007) continues the theme from Dynamic Tension vol 1 with some tracks being a little more aggressive and funky. There are also some experimental tracks that plow new ground.
Partial list of the songs: Sliding Metal Stabs, Sunday Morning Jazz, High Mountain Village, Chaotic Cello Rock, Fleet Piano Variation and Sifting Through the Evidence
Tales of Darkness and Suspense (2007) creates the feeling of several short horror/suspense films pieced together as a soundtrack. Scary and dark and very effective.
Partial list of the songs: Gardens of Delight, Purge of the Overlord, Webs and Wires, In the Lair of the Red Monks and Hologram Heaven
Stingers vol 1 (2008) contains instrumental variations of several simple themes. Each instrument completely changes the tone of the theme. Most tracks have a version with and then without beat. This is very specifically intended for producers.
Partial list of the songs: Cold and Icy Landscape, Shifting Pulsing Escape, Flying Taxi Cabs, Solving the Mystery, Illuminating Expanse, Glass Droplets and Last Call in the Lounge

Stingers vol 2 (2008) contains instrumental variations of several simple themes. Each instrument completely changes the tone of the theme. Most tracks have a version with and then without beat. This is very specifically intended for producers.
Partial list of the songs: Sneaking Behind the Steam Machines, Mirrors and Masks, Blades and Teeth, Reptile Planet, Swamp Lands, Ice World and Lost in Eastern Europe

Beat, Groove and Feel (2009) rocks more than most of the other Music for Media CDs. Guitars and rock drums are more out in front on many of the tracks. Jazz and alternative tracks also surface on this very present and active CD.
Partial list of the songs: Ghost Groove, Feeding the Machine, Soul Shredders, Don't Stop, Striding and
Round and Round the Race Track
Whales and Waterways vol 1 (2009) uses soft synths to create orchestral backdrops. I'm very proud of the way these tracks came out. This CD is much different from all of the Music for Media CDs that came before it. Whales and Waterways is now one of my favorites.
Partial list of the songs: Boundless Horizon, Gliding in the Cloud Mist, Bad Medicine Dream, Confusion and Emptiness, Dark Tension Builds, Whales and Waterways and Solitude Becomes Wonder
Whales and Waterways vol 2 (2009) contains alternate mixes of many of the tracks from Whales and Waterways. Beats completely change the orchestral feel and different instrumentation is featured.
Partial list of the songs: Flying Close to the Horizon, Solitude Becomes Wonder, Round and Round the Race Track, Whales and Waterways, Coma Nation, Flying Close to the Horizon alt mix, Whales and Waterways alt mix only voices and Gliding in the Cloud Mist alt mix with bass and guitar
Solar City (2010) is progressive, expansive, experimental and powerful. These tracks are very dynamic and seductive. TV producers love the functionality of these instrumentals.
Partial list of songs: Wonder After Wonder, Visions on the Canyon Walls, Shivering Hallucinations, Secluded Jungle Garden, Commuting Through the Chaos, Rockin' the Sacred Places, Strange and Exotic Locales and Hive-like Dominion
Dance Hallicks Synonymous (2010) is a Music for Media production created by Matt Kjeldsen. It is experimental dance music, heavy on the rhythmic elements. This release is specifically created to be used behind the scenes to set up action, parties and club scenes.
Partial list of songs: Distracting Me, Party Groove, Everybody Feelin' Good, Doin' It, Do Ya Like It Like Me?, Keep On Keep On, Stop and Go and Come and Get It
Gravity Jacket (2011) by Gravity Jacket sounds very modern and young, yet the lyrics speak to the mature and to the introspective. The production is fresh and adventurous, but it always serves the individual nature of each and every song.
Partial list of the songs: I Will Go, Why I Can't Fly, Too Close to the Edge, Off To Sleep, Another Spin, Hazy World, New Year's Song and Fearless

Brand New!
Introducing the newest release from Matt Kjeldsen entitled, "Concrete Crumbles".
Brand New!
Introducing the latest release in the Music for Media collection, which is also the Soundtrack for the Knotrilly Films Pictures release entitled,"Illuminating the Vulcene".
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