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Hangin' on the Edge by Gravity Jacket- "Matt has branched away from his band for what is said to be a solo LP many years in the making, yet called Gravity Jacket to acknowledge the help of Mac McNabb (guitars/bass guitars, organs, and percussion) and Ian Bailey (drums)...With every pop hook, guitar run, chord change, arrangement refinement, genre blending style, lyric sensitive song, Matt sits down with us as Gravity Jacket brings forth the musical finesse of Crosby, Stills, & Nash, topped with a vocal that lends itself to James Taylor." Purchase - Independisc

Lost Songs by The Runes- "This Austin, TX. quintet boasts influences ranging from the Beatles to Loudon Wainwright III, and it shows. Using artistic styles of melodic pop, straight ahead rock, salsa/reggae, and acoustic balladry, The Runes take their virtual cornucopia of instruments (too numerous to list)
and expertly construct various musical backgrounds for intelligent, witty, thought provoking, and sometimes humorous lyrics." Purchase - Independisc

Dancing With Ghosts by The Runes- "Passionate and restrained Alternative Rock leaning toward the Pop border but never quite crossing over. Interesting, entertaining, intriguing." Purchase - Independisc

Radio Banned by The Runes- "We are sensitive to censorship concerns and recommend any negative criticisms be forwarded to our complaint department conveniently located at your local landfill. We also recommend that you buy many, many copies of Radio Banned and burn them on national
television." - Matt Kjeldsen, Knotrilly Records Purchase - Independisc

Brand New!
Introducing the latest Music for Media release from Matt Kjeldsen, the Soundtrack to the Knotrilly Films Pictures release, "Illuminating the Vulcene".
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Brand New!
Introducing the newest release from Matt Kjeldsen entitled, "Concrete Crumbles".
Introducing the newest release from Gravity Jacket simply entitled, "Gravity Jacket".
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