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There are currently 438 musical tracks available in the Music for Media collection. Soon, instrumental versions of a large portion of the catalog will also be available. In addition, full versions from Matt Kjeldsen, The Runes, Gravity Jacket, Dance Hallicks Synonymous and Exploding Brains have been used and are available for usage in TV, film, video games and corporate videos.
Soon, all of the tracks in the Raging Fyre Music library will be available on line. At this time, the majority of our licenses are provided directly to production companies and cable networks. You can hear a sample of every Music for Media cd and from the releases of the Knotrilly Records artists on the Knotrilly Records sampler jukebox located at the home page. Please contact us if you'd like to hear more.
Our music has been used for CBS promos, Oprah, The Amazing Race, The Price is Right, a myriad of cable shows from the Food Channel to The Discovery Channel to MTV, on feature films such as, Equinox Knocks, and on the acclaimed documentary, Crime Scene Cleaners, among many, many other projects.

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