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Gravity Jacket
Gravity Jacket is the compositions of Matt Kjeldsen merged with the production of long-time musical cohort, Mac McNabb.
McNabb also plays guitars, bass guitars, organs, and percussion.
With every pop hook, guitar run, chord change, arrangement refinement, genre blending style, lyric sensitive song, Gravity
Jacket brings forth the musical finesse of the Beatles or XTC crafted with the alternative textures of the Flaming Lips.

Gravity Jacket began as a rock band in the"Live Music Capitol of the World", Austin, Texas, and has, through the passage of
time and the persistance of the determined artists, become a unique and unclassifiable recording artist.
"Hazy World"
"Another Spin"
Hangin' on the Edge 2002
Gravity Jacket 2011
Hidden from View re-release pending
Introducing the newest release from Gravity Jacket simply entitled, "Gravity Jacket".
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Newly added videos from back in the day!
"Find Your Own Way"
"Drowning Right Now"
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