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Matt Kjeldsen
With thousands of compositions, from simple tracks to full blown songs, and a studio wall filled with independently produced CD releases, Matt Kjeldsen is a veteran of the music industry. Recording primarily in his home studio,
Matt creates sophisticated mixes of introspective alternative rock pop with his bands and on his solo projects. Kjeldsen also continually records with his pal and fellow music warrior, Mac McNabb. In addition, Kjeldsen designs music specifically for media usage.

His sound ranges in tone from irreverent to sublime, from angry to resigned, from soothing to indefinable. Matt's musicality is
familiar: grown from the roots of John Lennon, The Eagles, Paul Simon, Queen, Pink Floyd and fed with Moby, Beck and The
Flaming Lips... a rare musical hybrid producing rich yields of social commentary and supple orchestration.

"Driving" by Matt Kjeldsen
Stone Soup 2004
Zero Hour 2007
Symphony of the House 2008
A Colorful Dream 2010
Concrete Crumbles 2012
at NuMuBu
"Days of Gold" by Matt Kjeldsen
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